Comparison of Two Websites Addressing Schizophrenia

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A Comparison of Two Websites Addressing Schizophrenia There are many websites devoted to schizophrenia, offering the public venues through which to become familiar with the causes, symptoms, and management techniques for treating the neurological disorder. Two of the most prominent of these websites are HYPERLINK "" and HYPERLINK ""; each website serves the valuable purpose of allowing people to educate themselves on the many facets of the disease and (in some cases) interact with others. This analysis compares and contrasts the two websites, exploring not only the information available on each website but also the website layout, the truth value and objectivity of the sites. One of the most noticeable aspects of HYPERLINK "" is that the website appears as though it were at least 10 years old. The color scheme consists of grey, white, and sky blue tones that lack a focal point. At least 40 percent of the space on the home page is vacant. To this end, it is not surprising that the most recent information on the site is from September 19, 2012. Considering that the website was accessed on March 7, 2013, that constitutes an absence of roughly 5 ½ months in which no new content has been generated. Fortunately, much of the extant content is not time-sensitive, including a particularly valuable early schizophrenia

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