Comparison of the 4 Main Smartphone Operating Systems

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Final Project Report Student Name: Cy Gabriel Module Code: 6MM006 Module Name: Individual Project Project Title: Comparison of smartphones operating systems such as Apple 's iOS, Google 's Android OS, Microsoft 's Windows Phone OS, and RIM 's BlackBerry OS. Module Leader Name: D.I. Beardsmore Supervisor Name: Cheong Teck Kee Submission Date: 25TH May 2012 Award Title: Bsc Computing Department: School of Computing and Information Technology Declaration Presented in partial fulfilment of the assessment requirements for the above award. This work or any part thereof has not previously been presented in any form to the University or to any other institutional body whether for assessment or for other…show more content…
It has a zillion more uses now apart from basic ones, and that has contributed to the success of making it not just a mobile phone but also a smartphone. Table of contents Chapter 1. Introduction Background In the past it was never clear that the cell phone would have such an important status in today’s society. But the development of the cell phone into a smartphone proves this statement right. This includes transformations, besides the normal functionalities of a phone like text messaging, receiving and making calls. A smartphone’s operating system reflects the users lifestyle because it controls the choice of applications, the general features and functionality in a phone. However the mobile market is fragmented amongst the following software platforms or operating systems; WebOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows phone formerly known as (Windows Mobile OS), Android OS, Meego OS, Bada OS, Symbian OS, iPhone OS, and Tizen OS. Due to the continues advancement in the technology of a smartphone, each smartphone needs an operating system in order for it to reach its full capacity in today’s world, however a phone is not smart on till it is powered by an operating system. i.e. phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, SonyEricson etc. Play a role by manufacturing a phone (hardware) with the demand and capability of running this software, which is the OS inside. This simply means that the phone (hardware) is the infrastructure, while an
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