Comparison of the Movie and Novel, Of Mice and Men Essay

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A comparison between the opening section of the novel of of mice and men with the opening section of the film of of mice and men.

‘Of mice and men’ is a novel written by John Steinbeck. A film ‘of mice and men’ was also directed by Gary Sinise in 1992. The novel and the film are a bit different from each other. The book was written in the 1930’s, a time of high unemployment through out America and a time of racism and sexism and segregation. The main themes are sexism, prejudice, loneliness, loyalty and protest. John Steinbeck wrote the novel in the 1930’s a period known as The Depression. ‘Of mice and men’ is about two companions, George and Lennie, who are migrant ranch workers. They have gone to the Salinas River to work on
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The tension increases as George and Lennie try to out run the men on horses. The music becomes faster and more exciting. There is a lot of sound in the background such as dogs barking, men shouting, George telling Lennie to run faster. This increases the tension in the audience. George and Lennie jump and hide in the river so that the dogs lose there scent. After George and Lennie lose the men who were after them, they jumped on to a train which was going extremely fast. It is dark and there are shadows. They had to jump on the train because they had no money and had to run away from Weed.
There was an atmosphere of danger. There was no music at all except sounds of the train and whistles. There was minimal lightening so that the setting could blend into the surroundings. There are a range of camera shots which focus on George and Lennie. These shots show that they are workers and the state they are in which is fatigued, exhausted and drained. In side the train is only the sound of the conversation between George and Lennie. This conversation highlights the relationship between George and Lennie and illustrates who is in control. It also indicates that George is being a father like figure towards Lennie as he says “go to sleep Lennie” and “take off your coat” after Lennie says “I’m wet”.

After that George and Lennie board a grey hound bus in a town, it is day time, with long camera shots of George and Lennie.
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