Comparison of the Powerful Nations of China and Russia

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China and Russia Comparison The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are both indisputably two of the most powerful nations on Earth. For centuries, they have been leaders of their region; dominating in the political realm especially. Communism has been a staple in the history book of each (well, maybe a loose staple in Russia’s). Regardless, in an analysis of the five main “pillars” of comparison for this course1 in respect to both the similarities and differences between these two countries, one will have the ability to understand how the government of each is structured and how that government interacts with the people whom entrust them to carry out the necessary functions of a society. I. Sovereignty, Authority, & Power Historically, these two countries were governed by very central regimes: the tsarist tyranny in Russia and the heavenly mandated2 dynasticism in China. As time progressed, these regimes underwent periods of revolution, flushing out the old-world demagoguery and redirecting the source of legitimacy. Legitimacy can be defined as the right to rule through determination by the citizens of a country.3 In China and Russia (and most countries in today’s word for that matter), a system of rational-legal legitimacy is in place. This is a system based on the rule of law, a principle divided into two forms: common and code law. For the sake of this comparison, we will be focusing on the latter; a legal system based on written, pre-established
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