Comparison of the Protagonists in Juno and Catcher in the Rye

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The main protagonists Juno and Holden of movie Juno and the book Catcher in the Rye, have main thing in common, they have not yet accepted the fact they play a role in society, communicating with the people around them, and with their families. Where they differ is in the problems they face. Juno's main problem is that she becomes pregnant at a young age which is considered to be a life changing event by societal standards. The main source of Holden’s problems comes from result of the death of his little brother Allie who had Leukemia and his inability to cope with it. Despite many differences that the main protagonists have, it is true to say that both Juno and Holden go through times of struggle. Although it is clear that the main characters struggle more than the average teenager, ultimately both the novel and movie outlines what occurs to teenagers going through a phase in their lives. Both Holden and Juno suffer through psychological struggles while they try to figure out what they want in life. In both the movie and the book both characters try to be as original as possible, however this leads to the characters isolating themselves from society and the people around them. Holden tries to be the most authentic person he can be while calling all the people that don’t share his ideals “phonies”. Holden tries to distance himself from people around him as he wears his red hunting hat to prove that he is unique from society and above everybody else. He doesn’t know how to
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