Comparison of the Rosewood Report to the Rosewood Film

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The documented history of the incident which occurred at Rosewood, Florida in January 1923 is a group of recollections from a few of Rosewood survivors, new stories and/or coverage. Racial violence in the nation before the events of Rosewood happened. Because of the racial tension during and after the war, many blacks migrated from the south. Florida’s government soon supported black leaving the South. “…proposed Congress purchase territory, either foreign or domestic, and transport black such regions where they could live separate lives and govern themselves” pg 4.
In January of 1923 Fannie Taylor falsely accused an African American man of coming in her home and beating her. A fugitive was originally accused. On New Year’s morning Aunt Sarah, who worked for Fannie and her husband James Taylor, and her granddaughter witnessed a white man visiting Mrs. Taylor. He often visited her when Mr. Taylor was at work. “Could this possibly be an affair?” Many wondered. Once Fannie let the world know a black man had hurt her, a posse came together to find this black man. Jesse Hunter who was also a fugitive from another town was under suspicion. Fannie’s white lover who name was John Bradley, soon realized he was in some sort of trouble so he went to Sam Carter for help. Carter’s body was soon found on the road. White men went to Sylvester Carrier’s house to confront him but a shootout busted out and two white men were killed. While the white men went to get more ammo, women and

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