Comparison on the Movie and the Book To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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As most everyone knows, there are differences between a book and it’s movie adaptation. This is applicable to the book and it’s movie counterpart To Kill a Mockingbird, as well. But aside from the differences, there are also similarities between these two. The similarities are quite apparent, the movie plot mainly follows the basic plot that the book took, leaving the viewer’s with a sense of accomplishment, as this is sometimes not achieved in the highest degree. Scout still has a brother, Jem. They both still meet Dill and have a few adventures with him throughout the film. Jem and Scout still have a single father, Atticus, having lost their mother many years ago. Calpunia is still their cook. And the whole story still has an…show more content…
And this respect between the African American community and Atticus also shows the children the wrong’s of racism, and gives them much more respect for their father. There are other significant similarities between the movie and the book, so if I overlooked or forgot any extremely crucial points, forgive me. But this overview of the similarities is mainly where the similarities end and the differences begin. One difference that was impossible for anyone to ever miss is the absence of Aunt Alexandra and visits to Finch’s Landing. This took a significantly powerful role out of the plot; preventing any arguments, any overheard conversations, and at the end of the story: the time when she became more a mother to Scout then an adversary, out the story that was originally intended for the audience to read. Be that as it may, the movie moved along at a good pace and with no bumps or bruises without her. The fire (where Miss Maudie’s house burns down) also went missing in the writing of the movie plot, deleting with it the majorly minor (if only to me, one viewer in a sea of many) part of the story where someone mysteriously puts a blanket on Scout. In any case, the movie still moved fine without this plot line, because even
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