Comparison the Ads of Enfagrow and Mamil Gold

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1.0 Introduction Enfagrow A+ and Mamil Gold Step 3 have their own capability in nutrition of their formulated milk powder as Enfagrow A+ consists of DHA and Mamil Gold consists of IMMUNOFORTIS. Both nutrients might give different impact to the baby. In order to reach the target audience, both advertisement using different types of message execution, creative message strategies, brand communication and media planning. 2.0 Segmentation Segmentation is determining the number of customers who are likely to buy the offering. Effective segmenting is based on overall business and marketing objective (Duncan, 2005). Different product segment may target different customers as each of the product segments may give different benefits or…show more content…
3.1.2 Caring and Concern On the other hand, Mamil Gold using the caring and concern tone to deliver the message and personality of the brand to reach the target audience. Mamil Gold ads may create the sense of caring and concern towards the baby as the gesture of the mother trying to protect their baby from the spreading germ by the sneezed baby. The tone of caring and concern may remind the mothers that their adore child may need better immune system in order to have a healthy growth. 3.2 Consistency One-voice, one-look consistency is the consistency that occurs when all marketing communication message have the same look, sound, and feel (Duncan, 2005). Consistency is very crucial to the brand, as the message deliver to the audience might not the same every time, the target audience might confuse and did not know what to expect from the brand. 3.2.1 Emotional Connection Emotional connection is a situation that tugs at the heart of the target audience. Enfagrow A+ is using the two-way communication, as the reporters asking the speaker what is DHA and why should children need to have it. Through the conversation, the target audience may know the nutrient of Enfagrow A+ directly and also the benefit of DHA. Besides, Enfagrow A+ also builds an emotional connection to the target audience as when consumed the Enfagrow A+ might increase the connection of

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