Comparisons Of The Army And The Navy

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Army v. Navy Comparisons of the Army and the Navy Adeena Glasgow University of Maryland University College Comparisons of the Army and Navy Most people of our society would believe that the many branches of Armed Forces are more similar than different. The Army and the Navy both provide the United statues with everlasting protection, courage, and dedication. Both wear the traditional combat boots, dog tags, specified uniform, protect the United States of America, and test their recruits? knowledge on specific subjects. All branches of the military must answer to the President of the U.S as their Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, no branch has authority over the other. The Navy and the Army use an age range between 17 and 35 for choosing their recruits, which shows the preference of a more younger crowd. A younger crowd most likely means a healthier body, mind, and spirit. Despite all of their similarities, the Navy and the Army are completely different in certain areas such as fitness tests, Basic Combat Training and core values. First, the United States Army and the U.S Navy are most different when it comes to the traditional fitness tests. The army?s fitness test mainly measures the muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular respiratory fitness of its soldiers. The soldiers are
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