Comparisons With The Creation Of A Pizza Story

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Everyone has a story. A story of where we come from, why we do the things we do, and why we believe in the things we do. Similarly, everything has a story which also includes where it originated, who invented or created it, and why it was created. More often than not, stories overlap. Such is the case of how pizza overlaps with my story. My pizza story begins in a car on one cool fall afternoon when I was about four years old. I remember being in the back seat with my two little sisters, Consuelo and Neyda, while my dad drove and my mom sat next to him. We had just got done running some errands and we were all hungry. At the red light, my dad turned around and asked me and my sisters what we wanted for dinner. I immediately exclaimed, “Pizza!” Consuelo and Neyda seemed to agree as they started chanting, “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!” My dad turned to look at my mom and asked her if that was okay, she agreed and so we headed over to Cici’s Pizza. Once there, my sisters and I waited impatiently for our parents to pay, so that we could head over to a table and take a seat. We then waited for our mom to serve us pepperoni pizza. I believe that because of this story, my favorite way to consume pizza is surrounded by friends and family since something crazy is sure to always happen.
Since pizza is served daily at my college’s cafeteria, I usually eat pizza
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My identity and pizza are similar in the way that I like to try new things just like pizza is ever changing. Similarly pizza and I are both not originally from the United States as pizza originated in Italy and I was born in Mexico. Pizza and I are also similar in the way that we have a variety of toppings if you will. Some of my topping include the fact that I am Mexican, a woman, a first generation college student, and the oldest of six. Pizza has even a larger variety of toppings such as broccoli, pineapple, bacon, eggs, and so many
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