Comparisons between the Russo-Georgian War and the Ukrainian Crisis

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West versus East, the age-old battle of capitalism in opposition to communism, was the underlying factor of the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, many former Russian controlled territories created their own countries and governments mirroring that of Russia’s. As the years passed, these countries are now finding themselves pulled between their historical Russian ties and European opportunities. This split had caused a lot of uproar in these countries on their future alliance, and has been the one of the lasting areas of conflict between the Russia and Europe. One conflict in particular, the Russo-Georgian War, rocked global politics for the five days that it lasted and demonstrated that these conflicts are…show more content…
Armed men in unmarked combat uniforms seize Simferopol International Airport and a military airport in Crimea. Moscow claims this military movement is within the line of previous agreements to protect its fleet in the Black Sea. Putin then got the rights from the Russian government to wage war against the Ukraine to protect the ethnic russians that are in the area of Crimea. The Crimea then holds a referendum to leave the Ukraine and to join Russia, of which the world condemns and Russia welcomes with open arms. They vote to join Russia and they do with an overwhelming majority on May 6. As Moscow welcomes their newly acquired land into the Russian Federation with open arms, western nation explode in disapproving comments and minor threats. Sanctions are placed on Russian individuals who are close to Putin and his Regime while western leaders condemn the referendum, claiming it was set up by the Russian government and did not actually convey the will of the people of Crimea. Russian troops were planted in the Crimea and Russian troops were lined up along the border of Ukraine, creating fear that may have swayed people’s opinions. In fact, the vote received very little ethnic Ukrainians and the vote had a 97% approval to joining Russia. Since then, the mainland of Ukraine has been facing a lot of upheaval. Pro-Russian protesters have been fighting for their turn to be a part of Russia. All along the Eastern side of the Ukraine, protesters have been taking over

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