Comparisson and Contrast: Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Rachael Rowe
Mrs. Daniel-Kopp
English 3U1-04
April 4, 2012
Society Affects Individuals
Society has a powerful influence over individuals’ actions, but that power and influence is not carried over to an individuals’ mindset. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the two characters Faber and Beatty have very similar personalities. Though the way of society has drastically influenced how each responds accordingly to social standards. Faber has followed the path that society has paved for him, but he wants to be the man that can help change society’s view of books. Beatty is fulfilling his duties as fire chief, and is seen as a power head, though he may not be as happy as society depicts him to be. Both characters are well read,
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In this quotation Faber is encouraging Montag to take the risk of rising against societies standards, and informing him that if you “lose” on your way to a certain goal, remember that you were passionate about something that could make a difference in the way of society. In conclusion, Faber follows the expectations of society but in his mind he desperately wants to go against his actions and help to fight for books. His state of mind has not been affected by society as he is a well read individual, perceives society as uneducated and mindless, as well is capable of teaching Montag effectively.

Societies influence on citizens affects their actions, not how they perceive the world. Beatty believes that the way of society is how it should be; citizens perceive him as an authority figure that is content in the way society functions. Beatty and Faber are similar in the sense that; they are both well read, perceive society in different ways and both teach Montag using different techniques. First, Beatty is proven to be well read because he quotes many authors, but also shares his opinion that books are contradictory; “What traitors books can be! you think they’re backing you up, and they turn on you.” (97). This quotation demonstrates Beatty’s opinion of books; he believes that what is written in books contradicts itself and leaves

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