Comparisson of Mother Tounge and Everyday Use

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March 20, 2014 Amy Tan's, “Mother Tongue” and Alice Walker's “Everyday Use” both share similar traits in their writings of these two short stories. “Mother Tongue” revolves around the experiences Tan and her mother had due to her mother's English speaking limitations, she also revolves her story around the relationship of a mother and daughter. Alice walker on the other hand writes a story narrated by “Mama” the mother of two daughters Maggie and Dee and explains the conflicting relationship she has with Dee, both writers similarly emphasize on the relationships these mother and daughter characters had and they unravel both short stories based on these relationships. Although both short stories
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Bother writers also use different point of views. Tan speaks from first person point of view telling her story as Walker narrates through “Mama” the mother of both daughters. The opposing points go further than writers point of view, the short story 'Mother Tongue' truly represents Amy Tan's love and passion for her mother as well as her writing. Walker’s story tells more of a daughter who despite been given everything, yet has turned into a undesirable human being and a daughter who in some ways looks down on her mother and sister. In Alice Walker's “Everyday Use” she uses a tactic to set a mood for the reader by bringing in the character Maggie. Walker's use of language when describing Maggie creates a picture of a physically scarred and unintelligent girl. Maggie's physical scarring is pointed out to the reader early in the story to convey the feeling of sympathy. Walker accomplishes this when she states that Maggie has, "burn scars down her arms and legs" (Walker 272). Tan also does this in a vaguely way when she writes “ My mother has long realized the limitations of her English as well” which also helps convey the feeling of empathy to the character. The writers also focus on different point in their stories. “Mother Tongue” focuses on the prejudices of Amy and her

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