Comparitive essay on contrasting leadership policies instituted by Mobutu and Nyerere from 1960-1980.

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The number of similarities between Mobutu’s rule in Zaire and Nyerere’s rule in Tanzania in fact are outweighed by the large extent of the differences between the economic and political implications made by the respective leaders. During the period between 1960 and 1980 policies put in place by the leaders of Tanzania and Zaire greatly differed, each country having its own rate of successes and failures in governing its people.
IN terms of an economical comparison between the two countries considered there are far more differences between both how and what policies and models were followed than there are similarities. The only similarities between them are that both, after independence, having been both colonised by European powers,
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Zaire on the other hand chose to make use of foreign aid and heavily relied on American and western support throughout his term of power, showing yet another distinction between the economies created by the leaders.
In identifying these many differences in the economic rulings of Nyerere and Mobutu it is made obvious there are not as frequent similarities as there are divergent cases.
In term of a comparison on the political rulings of the respective heads of state it can also be seen there are many more distinctive and differing cases than there are resemblances. Probably the most evident example of the differences in political affairs of the countries is the fact that both Katanga and Kasai seceded from the nation of the Congo, showing division in the political beliefs of the countries inhabitants, as each seceded state set up their own legislative and government. While Tanzania, Tanganyika at the time, merged with the neighboring state of Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanzania, which shows unity and common beliefs in the political idealism of the country.
The way in which Mobutu and Nyerere gained political power in their countries also greatly differed. Mobutu only gained power after the previous leader Lumumba was murdered, and after he staged a military coup and took control of the nation. The people of the country had little to no say in regard to how the country was run. Mobutu instituted a single party state, though it
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