Comparsion Of The Characters 'Animation In Beowulf'

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Beowulf is about a man who comes to Denmark because word made it to him that a terrible monster had been slaying men at night for 12 years. He sails over there, obliterates a monster, kills the monster's mother in an underwater building, becomes king, and slays a dragon 50 years later, which in turn ends up killing him as well. Although both the animation and the book follow this basic storyline, they do have their differences such as in the animation, Beowulf uses a sword to defeat grendel rather than just beating him to death like in the book. The book and the animation are pretty similar, but they do have countless minor differences. “Suddenly the sounds changed, the danes started in new terror, cowering in their beds as the terrible screams of the almighty's sang in the darkness, the horrible shrieks of the pain and defeat.”. This quote from the book describes the Danes as Beowulf is destroying Grendel. The men in the animation do the exact same thing; They run around yelling and freaking out and sound like they’re about to have a hernia.…show more content…
Also in the book, his corpse, after fighting the dragon, is cremated whereas in the animation he is buried in a mound of boulders. It was also noted that the animation covered significantly less details as compared to the book. In the animation Beowulf just seems to jump from one task right to another without given reason. The book however does in fact cover the small details so it makes much more sense as to why he does what he does. As any two stories told by different people would, the book and the animation do of course have their differences. Not very many, nor very large ones, but they do have relatively small ones that are just big enough to point
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