Comparsion On The Difference Between Shakespeare's World And Us Today

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In this essay I'll be talking about the difference between Shakespeare's world and age and ours today. There are many differences that we have today then back then. Some of the differences are that the actors in his day weren't always appreciated and they got yelled insults and spit at and thrown orange peels. Today the difference for actors is very different. We also have the difference of things being more safe to use and also we have more people who can choose who they want to marry. Shakespeares plays have been around for a very long time and so there are going to be many differences between our world and age today than his and I'll go more into depth with those reasons. If you want to know some of the differnces between Shakespeares world and our own then continue reading. One of the first reasons on how our world and Shakespeares world is different than ours is that actors…show more content…
The differences are sort of big and the things that have changed are probably for the better. We have better technology than he did, because in their plays they had to do it in the daytime for the lighting. Today with our electricity we can do plays whenever we want and it is a lot easier. Also actors and actresses are praised rather than having the risk of getting sent to jail because it's their job. Shakespeare's actors had to go through a lot of hard times and it wasn't very good for them. We also have more time for the actors and actresses to rehearse because of the time movies and T.V shows and how you can pre-record them. The last and in my opinion the most big reason is that we don't have arranged marriages in most of the world today. There are some exceptions to that but for the most part you can marry whoever you want, because in his day there was no choice for the women and who they married. So there are many differences between our world and Shakespeare's, but our world just got more advanced than
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