Comparsion of Christianity in The Scret of Kells and The Black Role

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The Secret of Kells and The Black Robe are both movies that include interactions between non christens and christens but The Black Robe has a less violent approach and uses the interaction for economic reasons than The Secret of Kells who don’t want the interacted all but need it for there survival. In medieval Ireland the people of Kells keep to themselves and don’t want any outsider to enter there home, because they want to protect their culture form outsiders. Which is why the people of Kells are building a wall around the city to protect the city. The outsiders are mostly violent people (which can be seen with the Vikings attacking the villages in the beginning). The people do need to interact with outsiders (Ashleigh) in order to …show more content…

In the movie there is a seen where the shaman of the Montagnais tribe calls Father LaForgue the devil and the other tribes agree with him, but they don’t get rid of him because they know that they would hurt there agreement if they did. The encounters are different because of what the people of that era are dealing with, the people of Ireland are trying to protect something that is knew and raising in a time where outsiders are going to burn down your village with is why they hate most outsiders and want them to stay out. While the people of the black robe don’t like the fact they have to encounter people that are not Christians they have to in order to get the supplies and resources they need to survive. They have to get along because they know that in the end it will be more beneficial to have the non chirstans on there side than to go into the wildness of Quebec alone. Question 2 The Epic of Gilgamesh and The lonely Londoners both are stories that invole outsiders of the cities wanting to be part of it, even though they both come form different eras of time. The outsiders in the city of Gilgamesh face different challenges than the outsiders of London. In the city of Uruk an outsider can become part of the city by taking part in activates that are part of the cities customs and beliefs. An example of this would be when the city leader Gilgamesh take a wild

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