Comparsion of Forrest Gump and The Dark Knight Rises Essay example

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One doesn’t often think about comparing movies as different as Forrest Gump and The Dark Knight Rises. Because they’re completely different genres, it’s hard to imagine they could have any similarities at all. But after thinking about it for a long time, it starts to make a little bit of sense.
For one thing, they both have some symbolism, although Forrest Gump has a lot more. The feather symbolizing freedom, the leg braces symbolizing society, the box of chocolates symbolizing life, the shrimp business symbolizing the working class, and the ping pong ball which symbolizes focus, just to name a few. Batman himself is a symbol to the people of Gotham city and that’s the point. Bruce even said; “As a man I can be destroyed...but as a
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Selina Kyle and Jenny Curran may be a bit similar too, in the sense that they are both struggling to make their way in the world.
Another thing Bruce and Forrest have in common is that neither of them had a whole lot when they were young but they both went through some hardships and as adults they became very successful. And aside from the money, they’re both just ordinary people who happen to do extraordinary things. Both of these movies are probably pretty inspiring to some people because of this.
There is a website called where someone made a list of twenty life lessons they learned from Forrest Gump. Some of these include “Be determined to work harder than the normal people do”, “Not only strive for success, but also to be of value”, and “Focus on what you are doing”.
The two movies also have quite a few differences. For example, they both have good, but very different overall themes. Forrest, for example, simply goes with the flow all his life and unintentionally affects the people around him, while Bruce puts all he has into changing the fate of the people of Gotham City.
The settings in which each of the stories take place are also very different. Forrest Gump takes place in a small town in Alabama near the middle to end of the twentieth century, while The Dark Knight Rises takes place in a large modern day city. These differences in the time and place are one of the things that make it difficult to
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