Comparsion of Throughout the Fate Is the Hunter and The Right Stuff

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Summary Throughout the Fate is The Hunter and The Right Stuff the pilots have been thrown in and put their selves in great danger while flying. These risks that the pilots must face have been approached in very different ways in some aspects, and almost identical in others. Each of the books contain pilots who make decisions based on their judgments alone and without any or much background information on it. Weather is another risk that the pilots need to overcome and each book has a different approach to it_________. Another difference between the two types of flying are their attitudes towards their flight, with military having huge egos and commercial having a more modest and safer approach. ____?_____. Background There are several…show more content…
Get emergency clearance” (G90). As a result of these two very different styles it is easily identified by their egos caused by the atmosphere they’re in. Commercial pilots being rewarded and praised for being able to land the plane the way that they did, and others say that only that crew on that day could of landed it. While the military is quite the opposite, as the other pilots will say only that pilot could have made that mistake and was not able to save the plane, which causes the pilot to hold out on announcing such emergencies. Each of their attitudes towards handling the hazardous planes had demonstrated success, but to gain this success they had to maintain their composure and fly by their wits. When something does go wrong in flight both types of pilots had to think rapidly and make quick decisions that lead them their success or failure. Within the Fate Is the Hunter there are so many accounts of this occurring it can be seen in nearly every chapter, from flying in dangerous weather or in uncharted territory, such as when they were delivering planes to Brazil, “‘Which way do you think’. Park asked. ‘To the south’” (G130) and if Gann
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