Compass And Straightedge Essay

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Constructions are important in geometry, because they are one of the most basic ways to build angles, segments, and other shapes. In the logic unit of our geometry class, we learned about postulates and axions. Constructions are important for this unit in class, because they are often used to understand and learn these definitions. It is necessary to understand and learn constructions in order to know axiomatic logic and to build the correct angle, shape, or segment on anything.
Learning to use a compass and straightedge is useful in a variety of ways. Many techniques for constructions are useful in making structures, such as furniture and buildings. We only use a compass and straightedge for constructions, because no other tools are needed. Together, these tools can accomplish most tasks, such as duplication, forming bisectors, angles, shapes, etc. A ruler is not necessary, because you can duplicate a segment without having to know the length. Rather than relying on the assumed length of a segment, a compass and straightedge can be used to perfectly duplicate a segment. A compass an easily form arches and circles. A straightedge and compass are the only items needed to perform constructions.
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The Greek mathematician stated many of his theorems in terms of constructions. In class, we learned about a variety of postulates and how to prove them by utilizing a straightedge and compass. Euclid developed the notion of plane and common ideas in geometry, as well as discovered theories of numbers and measurements. Euclid defined a variety of construction problems that required more tools than a compass and straightedge. Euclid’s discoveries allow us to understand and solve numerous problems today. It is important for us to understand constructions and Euclid’s discoveries, so that we can solve these
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