Compass Boston Mission Statement

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There are many colleges and universities on the mission to further education and help people achieve life goals, but it is our choice to select one that will best benefit our future careers. For example the University of Massachusetts Boston, also known as UMass Boston, is well known for business school and MBA programs. UMass Boston was founded in 1964 after the Baby Boomer’s generation overwhelmed the Bay State’s only public school in Amherst. In 1863 Massachusetts Agricultural (Mass Aggie) was established in the state’s only public University, which was later turned into University of Massachusetts in 1947. In the middle of civil-right activism and political problems in 1964, University of Massachusetts rejected 8,000 applications and only…show more content…
By incorporating different techniques from different cultures they give their students the opportunity to learn new information. This allows their students learn in many different forms, and think outside the box. In 2015 the graduation rates for four years was 42% and rates for a six years was 72%. UMass Boston makes sure they do their best to ensure their students are satisfied. The university has a student satisfaction rate of 77.8%. UMass Boston has a very busy academic calendar that is organized by semesters starting from 2016’s winter semester starts on January 4 which ends January 22, occasionally using saturdays to recover the snow days lost. On January 25 spring semester start followed by the last day to add or drop any periods on February 1. Students then have spring break from March 13 to the 20 of the same month. On the 4 of April summer/fall registrations start before the studying period starts on May 12, ending right the next day. Testing begins May 14 and end the 20th. Finally graduation commencement is May…show more content…
For example in 2015 they set a new record of 17,030 enrolled students. In addition that same year they welcome their largest freshmen class of 1,680. UMass Boston has students coming from 149 countries all around the world. UMass Boston has many different types of races; the largest amount of a certain race is Americans with a 40.77% and their smallest is Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander with a .02%. Six of UMass Boston’s graduate programs were ranked in the top 100 in the “2017 U.S News and World Report”. This programs include rehabilitation counseling, master's in nursing, doctor of nursing practice, education, public affairs, and clinical psychology. Five of the University’s most common majors consist of Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services with 20%, Health Professions and Related Programs with 18%, Social Sciences with 12%, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Related Protective Services with 7%, and Biological and Biomedical Sciences with 6%. In 2014 the acceptance rate was at 70.8%. This spring UMass has 4,144 graduating students recorded. UMass Boston’s mascot is the

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