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Asyla Blended scotch, Oak cross malt, The peat Monster Scotch whisky’s will be prominent whisky products for people in Singapore. They are the products of Compass Box Whisky, a company operating from London with its distributors around the world. Compass Box products are known for there quality and standards. In July 2005 whisky pioneers, Compass Box, have been awarded best in class 3 times at the world’s most prestigious drinks awards, the international wine and spirit competition 2005 (IWSC). Compass Box already has wide range of Whisky products available in the Singapore market.

The unique feature for our products from all the other available in the market is in its aroma & flavor. It is believed that people
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As its product are already there in the Singapore market so the main emphasis will be on increasing the market share.

3.1.1 Target Market:

The target market for Compass Box will be Hotels ( The Ritz-Carlton, The Raffles Hotel, The Fullerton etc.)
Hospitality, Lifestyle and F&B providers (Emerald Hill Group Pte Ltd, Imaginings Pte Ltd, The IndoChine Group etc.)
Pubs, Discotheques, Bars

Market Demographics:
Unlike any other country, Singapore is small, with the total population of 4.3 million and annual population growth rate of 2.6. ( therefore it has no geographic limita¬tions that require much attention. However. because of its strategic location in SouthEast Asia business triangle, Singapore has successfully transformed itself into a powerful city port in which the backbone of its economy base on export-import trade and strategic business knowledge.

The Whisky industry sees Singapore as a very attractive and profitable market because of the diversity, advancement and good economic performance. The market comprise of male and female, range from teenagers to people in their late 50s, educated and business minded, preferably AB social class or may posses the ability and independence of earning an average income of S$ 3,500 a month.

Whisky drinkers in Singapore are increasing. They are experimental, young enthusiastic

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