Compass and Torch Essay

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Compass and Torch The short story Compass and Torch is written by the writer Elizabeth Baines. The short story is told in present time and the narrator is a third person narrator. The theme in the shore story is the relationship between father and son – a theme that the whole short story is based on. In the short story we are told about four different characters; the boy, the father, the mother and the stepfather. The four characters are very different from each other and the writer has managed to create four strong characters, which is a fact that gives the reader an opportunity to label the characters personalities. The mother in the short story is clearly a loving and carrying person. She is divorced from her former husband and…show more content…
No hope of him trying to RELATE to him! This quote also suggests that the father is not one of God’s best children and the mother is apprehensive that the father is going to influence her son in a bad way or even worse hurt her son’s feelings. The environment in the short story is a divorce environment and it is clear that the environment is filled with conflicts between the grown up parties. The mother carries some kind of bitterness against the father: And the way his mother said hardly anything, and made her face blank whenever Dad spoke to her or looked her way (……). The father acts like he really wants to be a father to his son, but the mother does not trust him and therefore this mistrust between the two parties creates an insoluble conflict. When the father and the son arrives in the area where they are going to camp the father seems to have forgotten about his son – he acts like the mother foresaw. He moves very fast and the boy has a hard time caching up with him and in spite of the fact that the boy is constantly talking and asking questions to his father, the father shows a lack of interest. But the boy ignores the disappointment, fighting for the chance to achieving the father he so desperately
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