Compass and Torch

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Compass And Torch

I want to focus on congruence in my essay.

As a young boy you need a father figure. Boys need a father to learn how to be a man. They also need their love, attention and appreciation. Several do what they can to be seen and accepted by the man, they look up to the most. They want their father to be proud for them. But what happens, when your father isn't there for you? What if you don't know your father? This is the case in the short story "Compass And Torch", where the main character wants his father's love, attention and appreciation.

The short story "Compass And Torch" is written by Elizabeth Baines in 2003. The main theme in the short story is the relationship between father and son. It is written in
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The story is called "Compass And Torch", because it indicates the man and the boy's relationship. A compass is used to guide you the right way so you don't get lost. The two compasses in the story symbolize a guide to find a better relationship between the man and the boy. Unfortunately, both the man and the boy have forgotten their compasses, and therefor the father and the son find it difficult to connect a bond to each other. Fortunately, they have both their torch with them. The torches symbolize the hoop for their relationship, and what they want their relationship to be in the future. “A torch is for lighting when the time comes, for lighting up the expedition of father and son."(p.2, line 51-52). But in the end the father takes away the hoop on forming a better relationship between them. "The man gently takes away the torch" (p.5, l.166). The horse is also a symbol. It symbolizes a lack for love. It looks for a person who can give it love and attention. But both the man and the boy ignore it. "Neither man or boy take much notice of the horse. The man steps back and she swings her head out of the way" (p.2, l.56-57). The father even pushes the horse away, when it comes too close. "The horse nuzzles the rucksack top and the man pushes her away" (p.4, l.125-126).

The short story shows how bad a relationship can be damage, if you don't make an effort, and what affect it has to little boy not to have a father. In the
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