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New workers in the health care role are often excited, energetic, and ready to take on whatever comes at them. Little do they know compassion fatigue is nipping at their heels. Compassion fatigue is common among health care providers and consists of five major concepts. These five concepts are ambiguity, no-win situations, role overload, role conflict, and not being adequately recognized. Researching concepts of compassion fatigue looks at the nature and causes along with the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. To deal with and cope there needs to be strategies and resources that can be utilized to keep from burnout.
Warning signs, Nature, and Causes Compassion is defined as a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another
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This is formed in the wake of lacking information and clear goals (Espeland, 2006). Direction and expectations are needed to make sure a person feels comfortable with the job they are doing. If there is no direction or expectations it becomes difficult to be confident that they are doing their job. When a person is not confident in what they are doing then one can feel like they are constantly making mistakes and can lead to an attitude of always being on defense.
The second concept is a no-win situation where a supervisor or boss is not happy with the job a healthcare worker does no matter how good a job the employee is doing (Espeland, 2006). Care givers and health care providers always strive to do better and change if needed. If a supervisor or boss gives you direction to change a way of doing things because they feel you are doing something wrong, and then when you change they are still not satisfied a person can feel as if they can not do anything to make the situation any better no matter what they do to change.
The third concept is role overload and this happens when the health care worker can not say no to more responsibility and find themselves overloaded with work and
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