Compassion Fatigue

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COMPASSION FATIGUE AMONG HEALTHCARE WORKERS A PROPOSAL PRESENTED TO THE FACULTY OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF UNIVERSITY OF THE VISAYAS CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS IN NURSING MAJOR IN NURSING MANAGEMENT BY: CONCHITA BRANZUELA BERGADO CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM INTRODUCTION: Quality of life among healthcare providers will matter on the quality and safety of patient care. Today the proportion of acute patients entering the health care system through emergency departments continues to grow and the number of patients in the Intensive care unit also increasing. In emergency room department, the Emergency medical services (EMS)…show more content…
In intensive care unit, healthcare workers are also spending more time for people who've experienced heart attacks, strokes, surgical complications and severe respiratory problems . It is in ICU where patients require continuous monitoring and sometimes, advanced machinery to support their life functions. Some says, “ICU takes care of the sickest patients in the hospital, the very critical care unit”. Generally speaking, the encounters with work stress had a negative impact on the nurses’ ability to provide care. They described feeling angry and displaying uncaring attitudes toward the patients. However, many described feeling a sense of accomplishment if they had been successful in coping with the work stress or if they felt that the nursing care provided had a positive impact on patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals who listen to the stories of fear, pain and suffering of others may feel similar fear, pain and suffering because they care. They get used to seeing people and families suffer and grieve? They seem so calm in the face of unspeakable tragedy and sadness that they witness every day. They fought with their emotions when dealing with heart-wrenching patient care situations. Only very few assignments were filled with joy and they dealt with watching patients and families go through grief, sorrow and loss. Nurses had to protect their emotions by creating a
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