Compassion In Nursing

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While even the most genuinely sympathetic individuals would define compassion as showing empathy for those in need, this can be just one of the many elements of compassion. Compassion is actually the sharing of emotions with someone else to create a type of bond that can either be established for a mutual benefit for a self-satisfying feeling or as a natural need of fulfillment. However, compassion as a virtue begins in a sincere giving heart that results in caring actions. These actions create a strong bond that motivates an individual’s heart, which allows their emotions to react out of love and develops a relationship with God and others. Compassion has a unique quality that differentiates it from others virtues by having an emotional…show more content…
Though spiritual compassion is shown through Christ and is selfless love, which is the basis of agape love. Agape love is a needed and appreciated pleasure for all Christians as their compassion is a response to the love God has already shown them. Christ stands forth as the “embodiment of love which feels for others’ woes and yearns to provide deliverance” (Reid 18). In the Christian religion, there are three traditional “Theological Virtues”, which are faith, hope, and love. Since love is the basis for compassion, thus compassion itself is seen as a theological virtue because it cannot be fully experienced without Christ. Not only is compassion mentioned throughout the Bible forty-two times, God even explicitly states in Luke 6:36, “you must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate”; since the Christian religion is based on the need to imitate Christ, God is directly stating for Christians to be compassionate because it is a virtue that can only be experienced through Christ (New Living Translation).…show more content…
Most people do not realize that the act of “difficult compassion” is being virtuous, because “difficult compassion is having empathy for a rapist, spouse abuser, or murder. [In which even] the most religious and ordinarily compassionate people often draw the line at [this] behavior. Yet, there is no valid reason for doing so” (Cavanagh 321). Some might believe that the line needs to be drawn because the actions of the rapist, spouse abuser, or murder have gone too far and is not morally acceptable by society nor Christ. This does not make these individuals not worthy of compassion, yet this is where virtuous compassion is needed the most because it is a necessity for them to rehabilitate their lives. We all are in need of virtuous compassion because it is not just performing an act, but displaying an emotion that requires a selfless love for everyone, just like the love God places upon
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