Compassion International

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According to World Bank, 700 million people around the globe, or 9.6 percent, or in poverty as of 2015 (“Quick Facts about Poverty”). The poverty line changes year to year as inflation and deflation occur, as of 2015 the poverty line was at $1.90 a day (“Quick Facts about Poverty”). Comparatively, American adults on average spend or charge $114 a day, not including bills and automotive care (“Gallup Daily: U.S. Consumer Spending”). Compassion International has a goal of closing the gap and giving children in poverty-stricken areas the same opportunities and chances that children across the globe receive. With the mission statement of, “In response to the Great Commission compassion exists as an advocate for children to release them from their…show more content…
14:31). This versus states that our treatment of others reflects upon ourself and our relationship with God. If one is to look down on people who have less than them, it reflects poorly on themselves and their relationship with God. With that verse in mind, Compassion International states, “Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty” (“Who We Are”). For a donation, Compassion International pairs willing participants with children overseas in poverty, seeking guidance. Thus, the participant “adopts” or sponsors a child and gives him or her the opportunity to escape poverty and walk with Christ. Compassion International began in 1952 by Reverend Everett Swanson while he was preaching on a tour in South Korea. While in South Korea, Swanson saw poverty-stricken and unwanted children and wanted to do something to help when he returned to the United States. Upon his return, Swanson established a program to provide food, shelter, education, medical care, and Christian training for orphans (“FAQ About Compassion International”). Since 1952, Compassion International has expanded beyond South Korea into 26 countries across the globe (“FAQ About Compassion International”). With the kindness from humanity, Compassion International has been able to expand and help…show more content…
His mother is proud and content of how well her son is doing and the opportunities that Compassion International has given him. While Adi, appears focused and determined to play a beautiful song. Adi’s bed is raised up by cinder blocks and pipes for support with woven bamboo sheltering him. Below this picture is also a caption, which states that Adi’s bed is not just for sleeping. Due to a gift from his sponsor, it is also where he plays guitar. Adi is eternally grateful (“30 Stunning Pictures of Bedroom in the Developing World”). Both of these pictures use Aristotle’s rhetoric pathos, which uses emotion to make an appeal (“The Art of Rhetoric”), to see inside the world of children in poverty in developing countries. Many people around the world do not live in conditions like those pictured. Thus, people viewing these pictures feel sympathy and sorrow for the families living in such conditions. Even without the use of words, pathos is used to develop an emotional connection between the viewer and those pictured. In this case, emotional connections developed can lead to people donating and supporting Compassion
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