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Bridgette Woodcock
Prof. Roche
THE 113 Speech
21 February 2013
Compassion International: Child Sponsorship

Introduction (Play video)

1 (Provide two statistics) Did you ever think you could change the life story of the weak and vulnerable? Well, you can! Today, I want to share with you the importance of what you can do to change a child’s story.

2 Today, many children are living in poverty and exploitation. Many of those places are within the 26 poorest countries that Compassion International serves.

3 Compassion is well known and used by celebrities and other national foundations.

4 Compassion uses a holistic method of child development

5 An average person can minimize and eliminate the exploitation and
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Over 87% of $38.00 sponsorship donation goes to the child & child’s center to provide school fees, books, educational materials, clothing, food, health care, counseling, and activities.

Holistic method of child development

1 Child Survival Program (Birth to age 2 and mothers)

1 Begins when a mother is still pregnant, provides nutrition, medical assistance, parental education, and social support for both mothers and caregivers to help them succeed the first few years of the child’s life.

2 Child Sponsorship Program (Age 2-10-new registrations- existing children to age 18)

1 Sponsorship is a unique way for one person to have a life-changing effort on poverty around the world by sponsoring a child in poverty.

3 Complementary Interventions (All ages- operations, flooding, mosquito nets, water)

1 Divided into two areas: Supplemental development activites (medical, nutritional, and educational assistance, AIDS prevention, Malaria prevention) and Program Enhancement Activities (disaster response, water projects, income-generating activities, and infrastructure development).

4 Leadership Development Program (college students)

1 Gives students the opportunity to develop their gifts and become skilled professionals and leaders of influence in their churches, communities, and nations.

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