Compassion, Its Importance And Effects Of Health Care

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The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate an understanding of compassion, its importance and effects in health care.
Compassion is an interesting topic and very important element within nursing (Dietze and Orb 2000). Involving patients, understanding their situation and being close to them rather than seeing them as a medical condition or procedure.
In all aspects of nursing it is important that nurses are able to provide care with compassion. As it impels and empowers nurses to not only acknowledge but act (Schantz 2007). This is also supported by Bradshaw (2011) who highlighted that compassion is not only in words but also in action.
The NMC Code (2015) guidelines suggest that compassionate care is prioritising people, practicing effectively, preserving safety and promoting professionalism and trust. Therefore, putting compassion into action as a nurse requires that you are also able to create therapeutic relationships with patients as it promotes communication and enhances trusting relationships with them (Videbeck, Acott & Miller, 2009).
According to Cummings and Bennett (2012), compassion is described as care given based on empathy, respect and dignity. This follows that, when compassion is practiced it promotes independency, health and well-being outcomes are also improved.
Compassion can be demonstrated by the analogy of the function of the heart in the human anatomy. The heart is the pump that circulates blood to all organs of the body fairly…
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