Compassionate Leadership : Compassionate Leader

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Compassionate leaders don’t simply teach their underlings how to keep their heads above water, they teach their underlings how to swim. Moreover, when teaching them to swim, they continually feed them positive reinforcement and encouragement, enabling their success. They’re companions, also swimming. They’re not standing on the dock, yelling from afar, they’re in the chilly waters with subordinates, modeling the precise posture and stroke needed to swim swiftly and successfully. In the thick of it, these leaders prove their strength and commitment to their team by offering direction, instruction and confidence while swimming away toward the shore. An important component when building a successful business is compassionate leadership. Compassionate leadership is the transformative shift from “i” to “we,” from individual to team, and it’s the element that permits authentic connections, motivation, and guided direction. Compassionate leadership doesn’t merely build company culture, it builds companies. It promotes individual growth and the maturation of creative ideas within a work setting. Compassion is an extraordinary personality trait for leaders, particularly when it’s rooted in authenticity, authority, and availability. Within an organization, workers can only be as effective as those who lead them. If employees are asked to blindly follow the leadership of an arrogant or abusive individual who has little regard for personal well-being or interests, then employees
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