Compatibility Of Confucianism With The Rule Of Law

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Question 8: Compatibility of Confucianism with the rule of law Introduction Since the early days of man, different societies have had different mechanisms of dealing with individual that go against accepted norms. These norms formed part of the basic education mechanism that a society practised to in the past. Foreign practises were however introduced during the colonial error when the colonial master imposed their own conflict resolution system on the different society. After the assimilation of the foreign system, researchers have now turned their attention to testing whether those systems are compatible with the traditionally practised mechanism within a society. A significant example of such a dilemma is on assessing whether Confucianism is compatible with the rule of law. The two system represent societies that are different and practised by individual that do not share any historical relationship. The growth of an international community has led to the adaptation of the rule of law by most if not all nations in the world. The paper seeks to find out whether Confucianism is compatible with the rule of law and how the two systems can be adopted by a society. In order to assess the possibility of compatibility, it is important to first understand how the two system works individually. The analysis will involve the assessment of the whole functionality of the two policies. Confucianism Confucianism refers to the social, ethical and political teaching that were developed
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