Compensation And Benefits Plan For Newtech International Inc.

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Introduction This is a compensation and benefits plan for Newtech International Inc. aimed at ensuring that current employees and those who will retire from this company get the best in terms of salary and other benefits. In hopes that employee’s will be committed towards achieving the company’s goals (McKeever, 2002). The author of this paper agrees that providing a great compensation and benefits plan will enhance worker performance. Background Information Newtech International Inc. is a technological company based in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. It is a technological company that deals in the production of computers, smart phones and operating systems. The company was founded by John Brunt, CEO. On February…show more content…
This simply means that the organization must take time out to learn what motivates employees. It is best for management to clearly highlight the organization’s goals and then motivate employees to keep them engaged. A list of things to consider include: Clearly defining the goals of the company. When the company goals and visions are well stated to the employees, then they will have a clear understanding of what they have to do to ensure that there is success at the workplace. Providing the required resources for the employees. It should not be assumed that the employees have all the necessities that will enable them to carry out their duties effectively. The management should make available all the required resources that will ensure they do their work completely and satisfactorily. Having good communication channels. Good communication is very vital in the sense that if there is miscommunication then there will be a lot of chaos at the work place. Having good communication in the organization will ensure that everything is flowing as required, without skipping any steps. Getting everyone at the work place engaged. This is done by giving employees a chance to make proposals and decisions on some issues. It is a step that will make them feel appreciated in the company. It will also allow employees to become responsible for whatever outcome the decision created. Being fair to every employee. As a top manager, one needs to be just and fair to everyone, so as to ensure
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