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DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENT 1 5 MARKS WORTH 5% OF THE OVERALL GRADE FOR THE COURSE INTERNAL EQUITY (ALIGNMENT) AND EXTERNAL EQUITY (COMPETITIVENESS) After reviewing the Wilson Brothers Case Scenario, as Director of Human Resources for the organization, what conclusions can you draw with respect to the status of the company’s compensation strategies that are currently in place? What would you do to begin to address this situation? (3 Marks) Provide Constructive Feedback to at least two other student’s postings. (2 Marks) HINT:-reference both internal equity (alignment) and external equity (competitiveness) in your response. NOTE:-this Discussion Assignment will be marked on content, analysis, direct references to the readings, the overall…show more content…
51). The main competitive advantage that the organization has had relates to the sense of pride of its’ Canadian Roots as well as previous success in relation to the speed of strategic decisions in the past. To begin to address the situation faced by this organization, it is impertinent that all of the mandatory government legislations are updated and in full effect. It would also be worth doing research on similar industries and competitors to see how they have made their compensation strategies successful as well as any best practices that we might want to consider benchmarking. This should be an eye opener to the organization to insure the appropriate changes are made to put them at a more competitive advantage. ------------------------------------------------- As Director of Human Resources for Wilson Bros, the conclusions that I draw with respect to the status of the company’s compensation strategies is that they lack security for their employee’s compensation and lack flexibility to the changing economy, competitive environment, and growing organizational needs. The Wilson Bros have been a successful business for many years but it is important now that they secure their successful business by instilling employment compensation protections in order to repair their current status of internal and external equity. Without internal

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