Compensation For An Organization 's Mission Statement

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Total Compensation in the Army Compensation is a critical aspect of every organization and appropriate consideration and strategic planning must be conducted in regards to compensation in order to ensure success of the organization’s mission statement. I believe that most managers fail to recognize the importance of compensation in the strategic planning process and write it off as something that they have little input or value added. They fail to consider that they have the responsibility to analyze compensation in the strategic planning process in order to select the appropriate compensation plan that will allow them to meet the organization’s mission with the least amount of resources possible. Any organization, whether it is…show more content…
So initially, one may think that compensation would not play a large role in the strategic planning or gaining an edge over the competition. Due to the fact that our obvious competition are foreign nations and realistically no one in the Army would transfer jobs from the United States Army to the Chinese Army because they had a superior total compensation package. However, the United States Army is not only in competition with foreign nations. They are also in competition with private or corporate sector organizations, which would like to attract soldiers to work for them. Soldiers have a reputation of being hard working, dedicated, and highly disciplined employees and corporate America acknowledges this and would like them to join their ranks to serve their organizational goals. So the United States Army not only has to keep soldiers appropriately compensated in order to deploy and defeat our nation’s enemies abroad and at home in austere conditions, but they must also provide appropriate compensation in order to keep them from transitioning to the corporate sector. Cahn (2014) quotes (p.1) retired Vice Admiral Pete Daly supporting this as he stated, “You give up a lot of freedoms. They own you. You go where you are told to go. That’s a very difficult part to quantify in pay.” With all the factors going against it, a reasonably minded person
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