Compensation Of Ceos At Nonprofit Hospitals Essay

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Joynt, K. E. (2014). Compensation of CEOs at nonprofit hospitals. JAMA Internal Medicine, 174(1), 61–67. f. Data collection procedures and instruments. The authors accessed 7 data sources: (1) publicly available Form 990 tax returns compiled by GuideStar for US hospitals filing as nonprofit entities in 2009; (2) the American Hospital Association annual survey; (3) rural-urban commuting area codes; (4) Hospital Compare data which contains process of care measures and the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey; (5) the 2009 Medicare Provider Analysis and Review File; (6) Medicare cost reports; and (7) the Medicare impact file. This study was approved by the Office of Human Research Administration at the Harvard School of Public Health. Executives were identified from the 990 forms, and 1877 CEOs overseeing 2681 nonfederal, private, nonprofit acute-care hospitals were identified. Also examined were if the hospitals had a larger number of beds, membership in a hospital system or were teaching hospitals. In addition, hospital payor mix was used. The financial performance measures including total margins liquidity and capitalization and occupancy rate data were evaluated as well. Levels of technology were also evaluated. A set of quality metrics endorsed by the National Quality Forum and used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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