Compensation Practice: World Atwork. Name. Institution.

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Compensation Practice: World atWork Name Institution Introduction Compensation practices in this study have been used to refer to the remedies that an organization 's management chooses to implement in order achieve it set a goal and the same time satisfying the needs and wants of both consumers and employees. In this examination, WorldatWork has been considered for careful and extensive research to give insight into the issues that are directly/indirectly involved in compensation practices. WorldatWork WorldatWork is a hotel cleaner firm located in the United States of America. Hsieh, Apostolopoulos, & Sönmez, (2013) noted that the nature of this job is usually unattractive. Most of the workers perform their duties under…show more content…
Best Practices at WorldatWork The World at work has a tendency of rewarding it high performers regarding the duties assigned to individual workers. Usually, these rewards are informed of money. The firm firstly dishes out required payments. Secondly, it gives a cumulative summation of all the benefits accrued by a worker during performing their duties (Komati & Ross, 2013). Employees who continually perform better than others are rewarded with development opportunities. This may include delegating some responsibilities to them and taking them for further training at an advanced level (Komati & Ross, 2013). To ensure that WorldatWork retains its skilled workforce, the managers are usually keen to make it known to these hardworking individuals that their skills and workforce to the firm are appreciated. Therefore, managers seek to bond with their employees and improve their personal relations with them (Komati & Ross, 2013). How compensation practice determine the positive and adverse impact to WorldatWork and its stakeholders WorldatWork has been actively involved in the execution of compensation practices with the view of enabling the firm 's resilience on the industry through the satisfaction of different consumers ' needs and wants. The company has put more weight and considerations to the welfare of workers by making sure that almost all their grievances are

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