Compensation System For Medical Care And Lost Wages

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After an injury on the job, many people look to their state’s workers’ compensation system to provide payments for medical care and lost wages. The workers’ compensation programs in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey provide fast, reliable payments to injured workers, but in return, prevent most workers from filing a lawsuit over injuries sustained on the job.
While the workers’ compensation system may limit some types of lawsuits, a person who was injured by the actions of a third party will still have the right to file suit. If the circumstances below apply to your injury, you may be able to seek additional compensation for your pain and suffering.
What Is a Third Party Claim?
When a worker’s injuries are caused by someone who is not his or her employer, then that worker may be able to file a third party lawsuit. For example, if a road construction worker was struck by a passing car while on the job, that worker could be able to file both a workers’ compensation claim for his or her injuries as well as a third party lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident.
Likewise, if a worker’s injuries are caused by the collapse of a scaffold, the scaffolding company may be responsible for failing to construct the scaffold properly. This negligence by an outside party could be the basis for a lawsuit.
Why File a Third Party Claim?
Workers’ compensation provides many benefits for injured workers, including payments for that person’s medical bills, payments for any…
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