Compensation in the Workplace: Sullivan & Cromwell Case Study

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Sullivan & Cromwell associates are likely to find the pay structure fair. Likely comparisons would be with similar positions at other law firms at similar locations. Sullivan & Cromwell, for example, operates mainly in New York, which means salaries could most reasonably be compared with other law firms at this location. Furthermore, the company is very forthcoming with its pay structure, offering a complete and thorough display of its pay structure for different positions online (Glassdoor, 2012). Some salaries are offered per year, while others are offered on an hourly basis. A 6th-year attorney, for example, is paid on an annual basis, while a paralegal associate would be paid per hour. Salaries are also varied according to the complexity and seniority level of the position. Work behaviors that might be influenced by salary are commitment and quality. A person who feels that his or her salary is sufficient or more than sufficient for the level of work that he or she performs will offer the best level of quality and commitment to work. The possibility of a raise as a result of consistent quality and commitment will also inspire the best quality of work in the future.
2. If salaries for new associates were to increase by $20,000, I would recommend a similar percentile of increase for the other levels of work, where greater seniority also means a greater increase in salary. If the $20,000 means an increase of 10%, for example, I would recommend an increase of 10% for…
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