Competative Analysis: Puma, Reebok, Adidas and Nike.

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Competitive Analysis Parameters | | | | | Price | Medium to high300 – 700 DKK | Medium to high400 – 1000 DKK | Medium to high300 – 3500 DKK | Medium to high200 – 500 DKK | Promotion | * Online shop * New products * Events * Charity * Celebrities * Environmental – friendly products | * Online shop * Events * Donations * Environmental – friendly products * Celebrities | * Online shop * Events * APP’s on iPhone * Environmental – friendly products * Celebrities | * Online shop * Events * Donations * APP’s on iPhone * Discounts | Brand image | Worldwide known brandThe company is best known for its soccer shoes. | Worldwide known brandA leading supplier of athletic shoes, apparel, and…show more content…
Adidas brand communicates the company’s goal of fusing sport performance and style competing very closely with Nike’s value proposition. “Sport performance”, “sport heritage” and “sport style” are the three different areas that Adidas has chosen to compete with the value propositions of their traditional competitors. Nike has developed a brand that has global reach trying to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world. They has partnered with the world’s most famous athletes to build their recognition and reach, perfectly demonstrating the power of image marketing. As well as Puma, Nike has extended their brand by creating concept retail stores. Nike differentiates themselves from Puma by focusing on “performance driven style”, whereas Puma focus on “lifestyle driven style”. Adidas tries to improve their performance through technological innovation similar to Nike’s brand. Through the years Reebok has developed a brand that focuses on the lifestyle as well as “having fun staying in shape”. Reebok is fresh brand, but not as trendy as Nike and Adidas. Like most of the other brands Reebok tries to promote themselves through famous athletes as well. They gain ground across all sports against its competitors. In recent years Reebok invested in innovative designs to make their sports footwear much more comfortable. Design Puma is a well-known brand, but, unfortunately, not one of the most preferred. To analyze consumer’s

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