Competence Based Recruitment and Selection

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MZUMBE UNIVERSITY DAR ES SALAAM BUSINESS SCHOOL PROGAMME OF STUDY: MSC. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT COURSE: ADVANCED - HRM STUDENT NAME: SYONI MWAKIPEKE - MSC/HRM/DCC/095/T.11 Question: Competence based recruitment and selection facilitates career management in organization. Discuss. 1. INTRODUCTION Competence- based Recruitment and selection is used to predict the potential job performance of the applicants. With the help of this method organizations can find best people to achieve their objectives. The different between traditional recruitment and competence based recruitment and selection is that the second one concentrated more on formal, measurable competencies. The process of competency based…show more content…
But if the conditions are suitable this can be a highly effective technique to develop an organization’s human capital. 2.2  Benefits of Competency-base recruitment and selection to the Organization When combined with an assessment of knowledge and experience, using competencies improves accuracy in assessing people’s suitability or potential for different jobs.  They help prevent interviewers and selectors from making hasty decisions or from assessing interviewees on the basis of characteristics that are not relevant to the job.  They can be used to help structure the selection process - interview and tests.  Assessing a candidate against specific competencies clarifies their strengths and weaknesses; making it easier to target any development that may be needed should they be appointed. 3 3. COMPETENCY-BASED RECRUITMENT AND CAREER MANAGEMENT Competency-based recruitment plays important role in the organizaton’s career management plans as it facilitates recruitment and selection of employees with the right competencies (skills, knowledge and attitudes) for the job at hand. It helps managers in identification of career path of employee right from the beginning, because most of the job core competencies are likely to focus and shape individual’s career aspirations. This early identification helps in
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