Competence and Performance in Language Teaching

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I. Background Information Author | Jack C. Richards - Regional Language Centre, Singapore. | Title | Competence and Performance in Language Teaching | SourceYear | at Victoria Univ of Wellington on January 3, 2011RELC Journal2010 |
II. Summary and responses
This article on the nature of competence and performance in language teaching is about the knowledge, beliefs and skills that language teachers make use of in their practice. A language teacher must master and combine certain dimensions of teaching knowledge and skills which are the language proficiency, the role of content knowledge, teaching skills, contextual knowledge, language teacher’s identity, learner-focused teaching, pedagogical reasoning
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Pedagogical content knowledge is knowledge about how to combine pedagogy and content effectively (Shulman, 1986). This is knowledge about how to make a subject understandable to learners. Archambault and Crippen (2009) report that PCK includes knowledge of what makes a subject difficult or easy to learn, as well as knowledge of common misconceptions and likely preconceptions students bring with them to the classroom.
Technological pedagogical content knowledge refers to the knowledge and understanding of the interplay between CK, PK and TK when using technology for teaching and learning (Schmidt, Thompson, Koehler, Shin, & Mishra, 2009). It includes an understanding of the complexity of relationships between students, teachers, content, practices and technologies (Archambault & Crippen, 2009).
The author also said that it is necessary for a language teacher to have content knowledge related to his or her teaching so that he or she can prepare a sound lesson. A teacher cannot teach well if he or she does not know about what is going to be taught. Moreover, a teacher must have the content knowledge of what is going to be taught so that he or she can adapt it to students’ level. This can be learnt from the example stating that teachers who were trained in literature can deal with the material better than those who were not. I as a language teacher did prepare the content knowledge as well as further cultural social knowledge carefully for my
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