Essay on Competences Needed in the Law and Paralegal Profession

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Since the 12th century, the profession of law has held a position of confidence and trust amongst the general public. When an attorney stands before a court system it is understood that he will represent his client to best of ability. An attorney’s character rests on his analytical, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. At times, those skills could fall short and his ability to properly act on the behalf his the client will come into question. The essay will detail the general concept of attorney competence, disciplinary remedies in place to discourage this behavior, and what the paralegal can to maintain the integrate of the law office.

West’s Encyclopedia of American defines competence as, “possession necessary reasoning abilities or legal qualification; qualified; capable; sufficient.” It is immediately presumed that an attorney has, at a minimum, received a law school education and has passed his practicing state’s bar examination. The perspective attorney has been drilled and tested on various aspects of general law, his chosen specialty and possibly the psychological effects a trial of any kind could have on the mind as well as the body. Training at this level is designed to reassure the student that he is ready to go forth and achieve greatness. That can be a tall order for some aspiring attorneys. Instead of getting nervous, they should remember that they are not require to inventing the law, simply applying it to the client’s…