Competency Demonstration Report II ( Cdr II )

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COMPETENCY DEMONSTRATION REPORT II (CDR-II) CE.2.1. INTRODUCTION One of my subject in engineering degree required me to learn how to design and implement a microcontroller in a practical way. My lecture required me to work in a team to learn how to implement it by creating an automated system using for electrical grid. The project was a team based project and supervised by laboratory assistant, head of the laboratory and my lecture. PROJECT : Simulation of load sharing system for electrical grid using microcontroller TENURE : February 2001 – May 2001 LOCATION : Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya, Jakarta POSITION HELD: Third Year Electrical Engineering Student Majoring in Electronics CE.2.2. BACKGROUND In my third year,…show more content…
CE.2.2.2. In a developing country such as Indonesia, power stations play an important role in the economy especially for specific and crucial industries in each island and city. The power station needs to be maintained to be as efficient as possible so the electricity can be distributed equally to each island and city. Besides equal distribution, it also needs to reduce power supply interruption and to minimize power loss to each location in specific time frames. The lecturer advised us to create an automated electrical unit system to cascade with the power grid to automatically distribute in each location or crucial area/industry. This problem had interested me and my team and we started to discuss each possibility to resolve the problem and what kind of suitable system would work. I investigated these tasks and problem through reading some journals and books to gain additional knowledge to resolve the problem After having some reading and discussion, I lead and gathered my team to discuss the option for the suitable system including the requirement needed for each options suggested by each person in the team. CE.2.2.3. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART CE.2.2.4. At the initial stage, I asked my team to give their opinions about the tasks and also what were their technical strengths. I needed to know this to ensure we allocated tasks appropriately in order to finish the task on time. After several discussion for ideas contribution
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