Competency Differences Between Adn and Bsn Prepared Nurses Essay

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Competency Differences between ADN and BSN Prepared Nurses Linda Jewell Grand Canyon University Competency Differences between ADN and BSN Prepared Nurses Merriam-Webster defines nurse as: “a person who cares for the sick or infirm; specifically: a licensed health-care professional who practices independently or is supervised by a physician, surgeon, or dentist and who is skilled in promoting and maintaining health”. This definition gives no differentiation between the nurse educated at the Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) level and the nurse educated at the Associate degree of nursing (ADN) level. Many do not realize there is difference between the two. Both nurses subscribe to the same nursing philosophies and teachings…show more content…
After the initial investigation, the BSN nurse would then research current treatments for pressure ulcers as they relate to diabetic patients. To properly care for a diabetic foot ulcer, the BSN nurse would suggest debridement and a dressing to prevent tissue dehydration, absorb excess fluid, and to prevent wound contamination (American Diabetes Association 2006). Patient education would also be necessary to ensure she does not bear weight on the affected limb to promote healing. According to the American Diabetes Association, the biggest challenge for healing a diabetic wound is keeping the patient from bearing weight on the affected limb. The BSN nurse may be equipped to handle the patient education better than the ADN nurse due to the amount of research done on the subject. All nurses are called upon every day for their critical thinking skills. The BSN nurse has the opportunity to flourish those skills more in the course of the degree program. The enhanced ability to provide an alternative to the norm gives the patient the opportunity for a higher standard of care. The search for knowledge is never-ending. The Florence Nightingale Pledge states “I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession…” (American Nurses Association 2012). Nurses must continue their education for the length of their career. Many resources are available to keep nurses at the standard of their profession.
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