Competency Differences of Adn and Bsn Essay example

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Competency Differences of ADN and BSN Nursing is a self-motivated and multifaceted discipline, one that requires skilled, knowledgeable, and self-sufficient practitioners. The roots of nursing are firmly based on service to other individuals, groups, and communities. ADN Program Associate degree nursing programs are intended to be two years in length based to prepare practical bedside nurses for secondary care settings, such as community hospitals and long-term care facilities. The Associate degree nurse is prepared .to function at the intermediate level, not in leadership and management position. The professional behaviors, communication, assessment, clinical decision making, caring interventions, teaching and learning,…show more content…
Since developing knowledge in nursing is fundamental to the professionalism BSN will be more competent than ADN by applying knowledge, analyzing the data ,and reasoning BSN has the same nursing skills as ADN, she handle the client experience from admission to discharge in a largely unstructured environment that requires more direct long term interaction with the client. BSN competencies have need of the ability to think reasonably and critically in patient management and can lead to a graduate degree program like Master of Science. Lately there are specific competency areas that are included in BSN They are health promotion, supervision, interpersonal communication, direct care, computer technology, and caseload management. non-structured setting. -.Collaborate with team members and with the patient by good communication skill - Design a plan of care by collecting the patient data and by assessing the problems. - Participate in nursing research and collaborating with the team members for new development. -Supervise complete client care on for patients as charge nurse. -.Assign the care to other nursing personnel while maintaining the accountability. .-Evaluate the patient’s progress and change the plan of care to achieve the goal from admission until discharge. - Maintain the nursing code of ethics and standards of profession during nursing practice. Responsibility Areas of responsibility
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