Competency Goal Paper

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Review each goal and discuss the action steps you took to meet the goal.

In reviewing this learners track 1 residency action plan, goals for skill development that were discussed at the end of track 1 included practicing and using observation, open-ended questions, and silence. This learner practiced these skills among other skills between track 1 and track 2 by using them at work and with family members. These skills were also used in everyday conversations as well as in role-plays with family members. In addition, a professional development goals was to join the American School Counselor Association. This goal was completed and opportunities for professional development continues through the use of their website and magazine. In the area of personal development the goal was to take more personal time and spend more time with family. This goal was also accomplished through prioritizing and scheduling.

During both residencies, a good deal of attention was given to the importance of building a strong therapeutic alliance with clients. Discuss what you learned about this process.

Building a therapeutic alliance with clients is essential in order for counseling to be effective. A
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In a school setting the counselor-client relationship is a necessity in order to be effective. By building strong relationships with students they will feel more comfortable sharing their information with the school counselor and coming to them when they have an issue. Students will understand that the school counselor is there to support them and their academic, social-emotional, and college and career development. Building the relationship will set the foundation that will assist the counselor to be effective (Ivey, Ivey, & Zalaquett, 2016). Identify some of the challenges you may face in building counseling relationships with your
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