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Functional Competency Inventory and Design by Jai Cortes

I. Title of the Diagnostic Tool: Functional Competency Inventory and Design
II. Overview of the Diagnostic Tool
a. Definition
In a nutshell, functional competency inventory and design, is a tool which aims to measure the competencies of functional groups of organizations, which are affected by their respective core objectives. In 1973, McClelland supported “testing for competence, rather than intelligence.” By definition, competencies are “general descriptions of the abilities necessary to perform successfully in areas specified. Competency profiles synthesize skills, knowledge, attributes and values, and express performance requirements in behavioral terms. The review of
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Unlike Core Competency Inventory and Design, Functional Competency Inventory and Design focuses on and measures the competency (knowledge, skills, personal attributes, and behavior) of functional groups. “These groups are based on organization 's structure and are the formal groups on organizational charts. These groups have their tasks and leaders chosen by higher management. Functional groups usually have specific rules of operation and clearly defined superior-subordinate relationships.” For example, in the school setting, the Head Registrar is the designated leader of a functional group of subordinates that includes a number of assistant registrars, liaison officer, and secretaries.
What Functional Competency Inventory and Design does is that it measures the competency required for each functional area, as like in the above mentioned example, the Registrar’s office, and checks whether the members of the group has the competency required for the functional area. Another way of seeing functional groups would be to see that these functional groups are equivalent to departments in companies. So Finance, Marketing, Operations, Research and Development, and other departments of the corporation are all functional groups, whose competency can be measured through this
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