Competency: Managing Personal Stress

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Competency: Managing Personal Stress Developmental Need: I have been experiencing a growing number of time stressors throughout my last three semesters. I have been working part-time at a credit union while attending full-time studies. This led to a mix of anticipatory stressors moving towards exam season. I frequently experience physical symptoms of stress such as headaches, nausea and chest pain. The root cause of my stress is my work overload. The responsibilities of working 30+ hours while ensuring adequate time for my studies have become challenging. More specifically, I experience the most stress when studying for online courses which have a lack of direction for what will be exam material. This has created a loss of control and a major stressor in my academic life. Course Material: Studying the Covey/Lakein time matrix (pg.97), I decided to take an enactive approach early in the semester to remove my time and anticipatory stressors.…show more content…
Maintaining a balance between developing my academic and professional experiences held the highest priority to me. My school/work obligations were of high importance on the matrix. I found my work obligations, while important, frequently took away from my developmental opportunities such as focusing on my major. Work became a high urgency/high importance activity because I was being called into work when I was not scheduled. My low importance tasks consisted of managing personal relationships (low importance/high urgency) and hobbies (low importance/low urgency). Using matrix’s suggestions, I limited my high importance-high urgency with regards to my saying “no” to make time for developmental opportunities. I have also limited my low-importance/low-urgency as I believe it does not help and even detracts from my objective of working within Human
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