Competency Model For Our Business Essay

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Lets look at how as a manager we would take steps to establish a competency model for our business. First what is a competency model? A competency model is a combination of several competencies deemed necessary for a particular job or position ( HENEMAN). Now that we described what a competency model is we have to understand what type of competencies are there. There are three key strategic HR reasons for doing competency modeling are to (1) create awareness and understanding of the need for change in business, (2) enhance the skill levels in the workforce, and (3) improve teamwork and coordination (HENEMAN).
When we look at an applicant we want to look how adaptable the applicant is and look for key traits that would benefit the company. Some of these keys traits are leading, you want someone who initiates actions and can give clear and decisive instructions. Supporting, someone who is supportive of his fellow employees and shows them respect. Presenting is another characteristic a manager wants to look at when it comes to the hiring process. This is a great trait to have because you want someone who can network within the company, but also communicates extremely well with others. The most important trait I think is adapting. You must have an employee that is adaptable. The world is constantly changing and we have to be able to adapt to the changing ways. You also want someone who can have a major setback at work, and be able to still bonce back from it and recover. There
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